Latest ios device is not present in my provisioning profile


I have a problem in my ios build. I have added a test device in my apple developer account but this new device is not included in the provisioning profiled used by bitrise.

In my worflow I use “Ios auto provision step”. In this case do I have to upload my provisioning profile in the code signing tab ? For me it seems this is not required.

I there something special to do in my xcode project configuration or in bitrise steps so each time I do a build in bitrise my provisioning profile will contain all my devices even the latest ?


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Thanks for your question!
Using the iOS Auto Provision step should manage your provisioning profiles automatically, and would not require you to manually handle them :slight_smile:
That should be it, but in case you experience issues with this step, we have a little troublehsooting guide on it: iOS code signing - troubleshooting | Bitrise DevCenter :wink:


Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately the link you provide is no publicly available and I do not have an intercom account.

In my case I had to regenerate the profile with a developer computer with xcode (like I saw here iOS automatic provisioning does not use a profile with all devices included)

Adding the udid in bitrise test devices helped me because as far as I did that my builds failed until my provisioning profile contains the new udid.

As a conclusion, for me the io auto privisioning step requires a manual action to add new devices.


Hi @seb!

In your experience, did you allow the Auto Provision step to generate profiles for you?


I just checked and I did not allow the Auto Provision step to generate the profiles for me. I changed the step configuration and will see in the future if it solves the problem for future users

Thanks for the tip

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