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I am trying to use Bitrise for one of my projects but once I added the projects, link with the repo and tried first build, it failed. I would really like to explain more, but this is completely new to me, so I have provided the build link.
First I had problems with shared scheme, but I managed to fix that but it seems I have certain issues with Pods or something around:
:x: error: No profiles for ‘com.zanfras.testci2’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘com.zanfras.testci2’. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild. (in target ‘testci2’)

Swift 4.2
Xcode 10

Build log

Hi @frasza!

Sorry to hear about this issue.

I am fairly sure you are receiving this errors because your project was compiled in Xcode 10 locally (as you mentioned) and you are running your build on an Xcode 9.4 stack. Can you try to switch to the 10.0 one?

I am also experiencing exactly that issue - I have all certs valid, nothing expired and a week ago it used to work fine.

Could you also send us a build URL for looking into please?

I actually found that setting, switched to 10 and has exact same issue. I will try it again later tomorrow and will get back here with more information.

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Please do let us know and send us the latest failing builds in case you guys are experiencing the same issue still!

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