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Description of the issue

I’m trying to export a build, and I faced an issue one I added the Xcode Archive & Export addon to my workflow.


We are using special entitlements, so automatic signing is not an option for us.

The error im getting:

error: No profiles for ‘…’ were found: Xcode couldn’t find any iOS App Development provisioning profiles matching ‘…’. Automatic signing is disabled and unable to generate a profile. To enable automatic signing, pass -allowProvisioningUpdates to xcodebuild.

I’ve verified and the requested profiles exist in my workflow and it is valid.

Also I enabled bitrise support user in the app settings, so you should be able to access my app.

Build log

Failed build URL:

Please help me to solve this issue,
Thanks, Ron

In our case, the iOS pipeline was using the Fastlane matchfile to ensure the certs and profiles are loaded since the certs are also controlled by the end user entity.

In an earlier iteration, the certs and profiles needed to be loaded ahead of time so we used the Certs and installer step to do that.

I’ve uploaded the profiles manually…
Maybe after the process will work i will think of improving it :slight_smile:

Hi @ronf_medisafe! The error message in itself suggests, that while a development provisioning profile is present, it’s not THE development provisioning profile your project is looking for, possibly because it was exported with Xcode managed signing enabled.

We generally recommend opting for the automatic solution, because that can download and even generate profiles for you:

Hi @bitce, we are not able to use auto provisioning since our app uses special entitlements.
i’ve also added AdHoc profiles. so what profiles it is looking for ?

Can you elaborate why does the usage of entitlements lock you out of using automatic provisioning? I can’t say for sure, but I am saying I suspect it’s looking for that one specific Xcode managed profile your project was archived with originally, which doesn’t seem to be uploaded - none of the profiles are Xcode managed.

I double checked and the requested profile is uploaded and has “green” status.
Maybe i have wrong configuration for the export module ?

The green status means the website recognizes the files being provisioning profiles, but the website can not further check whether they are right for the project, that part happens within the build exclusively.

Can you elaborate why you believe special entitlements don’t work with any of the automatic solutions? Have you had unsuccessful attempts?

Hi @bitce,

I didnt try the automatic solution before, but i figured that if i will upload the profiles manually it should be easier to get a successful build. but i will try to work with the automatic solution.
I’ve updated my workflow with like specified in the documentation, now i have got other error regarding pods.

The error im getting: Response: 302 Found

My Build:

Hi @ronf_medisafe I highly suggest you give that a try when you have some time. This latest error is due to a cocoapods outage that started happening recently. Please see:

Hi @bitce,
here are the logs for automatic profiles failure:

Hi @bitce,
Automatic profiles didnt work for me… can you check the comment above ?

Also i could not make it work with manual profiles. please help me solve it :pray:

Hey @ronf_medisafe!

You are correct that there are some special entitlements that Bitrise doesn’t support with the automatic provisioning steps. We’re working on fixing that, however it’s difficult due to technical limitations placed on us by Apple.

So the manual solution with Certificate and Profile installer is certainly the way to go.

@bitce was right earlier when he said the error indicates that while you have uploaded a development provisioning profile with this name, that it’s different than the one Xcode is looking for.

Compare the serial numbers for what Xcode is looking for with what’s uploaded to Bitrise. They should match.

I suggest that you remote in to your build, open up the Xcode project, and take a peek into the code signing tab. You’re likely to get more information this way about your provisioning profile mismatch.

Hi @matthew.jones,

Thanks ! i’ve manage to build with my own profiles !!!
works great ! Thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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