How to set up 'Choose branch' field via api

Try to create a new app via api call Redirecting…
after first step is done I can see the following in app stings:

Is there a way to set up ‘Choose branch’ field via api call, or this step should be done manually?

@cathy.harmon Could you please clarify if it is possible to set up 'Choose branch’(see screen above) field via api call or only through UI?

Hello there ymatskevich,

I took a look at the issue you are encountering and was able to reproduce. It seems like the API call to create a new app lacks the parameter that would let you define the branch which is crucial for an app creation therefore the API call currently results in an incomplete app that can only be configured on the site’s UI. We are working on identifying the relevant parties to address this issue and see how we can best improve this. We thank you for bringing this to our attention and hope to add to this part of the API as soon as available.

Best regards

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