API: Create / Edit Scheduled Builds


Description of the feature request

I would like the ability to create new scheduled builds via the API so we can quickly setup builds that run at a specific day/time.

It would also be beneficial if we can edit the scheduled builds. This API would allow us to pause, resume, edit date and time when a build is run, and edit the branch that the builds are run on.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

  • We have over 70 workflows and having to set up custom day/time or have them run on a different branch for each workflow is a very tedious process to do via the UI.
  • A little over a month ago we wanted to change the branch of each of the scheduled builds. We had to manually go into each build and update it. Afterwards, when we wanted to revert it back to the main branch, it took us equally as long to go in one by one and update it. This is something that would be great if it can be done via the API or bulk updates.