Xcode Archive - specify API Key and Issuer ID

Description of the feature request

Currently, Xcode Archive step can use only Team member App Store API connection for code signing. In the deprecated iOS Auto Provision step, it was possible to specify API Key and Issuer ID in step variables. It would be great if Xcode Archive has a similar feature and help us to not use Team member connection.

As a software house, we have to manage many App Store accounts and Bitrise apps and it is really hard to properly maintain CI. We don’t want to store the connections in the company employees’ accounts, because some of them can leave the company, then their accounts are deactivated and we have to set up the API connection again. It is also usually hard to add a client to Team members because many of them are not technical and we don’t want to bother them with our technical staff. Because of that we still have to use deprecated steps, where we can specify API variables, which are stored in secrets and Code Signing general file storage.

There is also an issue with the same request on the GitHub page of the step.

Hey Bitrise team, it would be really nice to have this configuration.