Setting new App API possibilities

  1. Is it possible to change default branch by API call?
  2. Is it possible to run “Auto-add SSH keypair” by API call?
  3. Is it possible to change email notifications to “Never send email” by API call?
  4. Is it possible to manage team by API calls?


Hi @djwiqjdoiqwjd!

I’m really sorry about the delay in getting to your issue. We are currently migrating to a new system in order to be able to assist you better in the future.

Unfortunately, these are not possible with the current API, except for number 2, you can register a new SSH keypair via the API - every available functionality is documented is present on the link you pasted.

If you feel you’re in need of more features then feel free to check the #feature-request topic and create a request in case you don’t find an existing one :slight_smile:

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