Feature request: Autopopulate the branch name when doing start/schedule a build


  1. Click “start/schedule” a build.

  2. Try to remember what branch you are building. Is it develop? Or something like “feature/jn-APP-549”.

  3. Type it incorrectly.

  4. Observe the build fail (cant checkout a branch that doesnt exist).

Desired behavior:

  1. Start typing. Field autopopulates or expands list of possible branches that match filter. For example, I start typing “jn-” and it prompts me with “feature/jn-APP-549”, “fix/jn-ST-660”, etc.

  2. Only allow correctly named builds to start. If the branch doesn’t exist, dont let the build start. Basically, force the user to enter a valid branch.

hi @Roland-Bak :smiley: this is a duplicate of Branch name suggestion feature