Further enhancement to locate troublesome builds

At Bitrise, we pride ourselves on quick iteration and continuous improvement. We recently released a host of updates to make it easier for you to locate the root cause of build performance issues. These changes include:

Today, we’re back with more improvements.

With the new step breakdown, we noticed that users are struggling to locate data point intervals within a graph’s line segment. To help solve this, we now clearly demonstrate changes in value at different data points with a pop-out label, making it easier to inspect a step and view its build time.


On the step breakdown chart, we also made two further improvements to the filtering. When selecting a custom step filter, there is now a color-coded legend alongside each line. Matching the color in the legend to the color in the graph helps you to quickly identify which steps you need to filter.


We also had many requests to make it easier just to select one (to two) steps. This was previously an arduous task if you have a lot of steps. For that reason, we added support to select and deselect all. Now, if you have a long list of steps, you can simply clear the selection and just select those steps you want to see.


Finally, we expanded the number of builds we show by default in the build list, so it’s easier to spot the builds that have a poor-performing step.


All these features are available today. Hop over to your Insights dashboard and try it here.

As always, we continuously aim to help speed up your app development process and build great apps even faster. That’s why more great updates for Insights are on the way. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, please share it with us here.

Happy building!

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