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At Bitrise, we’re all about helping you build greater apps, faster. That’s why we love building things you love, and improving the things you miiiight not love so much :wink:.

Though we received some great feedback on Highlights, the widget that provides you with a weekly overview of Workflow level issues, we also recognize that there was room for improvement. For example, how to display more impactful data about your workflows.

In our initial version, in addition to total Usage, we highlighted two things in workflows:

  1. Which workflows had the worst success rate, and
  2. Which workflows got slower week-over-week.

However, the problem with both these was that the Time/Credit impact was not displayed alongside it. Meaning, the true impact that a workflow had on your builds and credit usage, got lost.

Let’s compare two metaphorical workflows — as an example.

In Workflow 1, a median 60 seconds build time just increased to 120 seconds, resulting in a whopping +100% increase in build time. However, you only run this workflow a couple of times a week. You don’t spend a lot of time monitoring and fixing the issue, as you only lose 1 minute each time the workflow runs. So the true impact of this on build times is low, yet the 100% build time display may have caused a sweat droplet or two :sweat_smile:.

On the other hand, with Workflow 2, your 1 hour long build just increased with 10 minutes, resulting in a 16% run time increase. 16% might sound “meh” when comparing it to a 100% increase, but the impact in the long run can be HUGE. You most likely (surely) want to check this workflow out instead, especially if it’s used every day. The true impact of this on build times is way higher than that 100% increase in Workflow 1. But who would have thought when looking at the percentages only :person_shrugging:?

By learning from these examples, usage data, your feedback, and some experimentation, we improved Highlights. Though the look and feel is still the same, we now only show you truly impactful issues. Gaining insights into your key issues that can improve your build time/credit usage, save you time, and positively impact your ROI.

We’ll continue to make positive, impactful iterations to Highlights — whether new additions are added or old ones are improved. Thanks to your feedback, we’re proud to share the results:

Improvement opportunities as displayed in Highlights

Some other notable changes we’d like to “highlight” (:upside_down_face:):

  • Improvement opportunities not displayed: Improvement opportunities which have less than 10 mins per week build time impact, or 100 credits per week credit impact, won’t be displayed.
  • Improvement opportunities ranked: Improvement opportunities are ranked (highest to lowest impact) by its expected impact, instead of it being based on the % values. Thus, the most impactful improvement will be displayed first.
  • Celebrating your wins: When you have no issues in a given category, instead of not showing that category, you’ll now explicitly see that you did great this week :muscle:. You’ll see that your Workflows are stable, either in terms of failure, or build duration. Time to celebrate! :tada:

We believe these changes will help you focus on what matters the most; to unblock your engineers and deliver great apps, faster.

As always, feedback is welcome!

P.S.: If you’re new to Bitrise Insights, you can find it here:

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