Build time step breakdown: Shorten build times, pinpoint build issues

Remove bottlenecks. Build great apps faster. With Insights’ build data, know what to prioritise, and shift your focus to what matters the most.

Ever wondered why your build speed got slower? What’s causing build speed to go from :+1: to :-1:? Like, when you see a data spike or increasing trend on a build time graph in Insights; how can you identify which specific steps are taking longer than before? :thinking:

A build graph illustrating build time peaks and troughs.

We know how time consuming diagnosing the build issue can be.

That’s why we set out to improve the build troubleshooting experience—to make how you find root causes to a negative trend in build times more efficient. Today, we’re happy to present a new feature; build time step breakdowns.

What is this new data driven build feature, and how can you use it?

In short, and in addition to the overall build time graphs, you can now see a per-step breakdown of build times.

Troubleshoot builds, pinpoint build issues, and know exactly which step is causing the trend.

Using the new per-step build time breakdown chart, you can see which steps’ build time correlates with the pattern on the overall build time graph, allowing you to identify which step (or steps) caused the total build time to fluctuate.

In case a negative trend is caused by a specific step, the build chart can be used to compare the step’s logs across builds.

If the trend is caused by multiple steps, then it’s most likely caused by a change in the environment, for example, switching the machine type of your app/workflow :bulb:.

In combination with Highlights, which proactively show you negative trends on your Insights dashboard, we believe this feature will help you diagnose the issues that are causing your builds to slow down—so much faster.

Furthermore, the new chart allows for a custom filtered selection of build graph views, allowing you to 1) narrow down the step list, 2) show just the slowest steps, or 3) create a custom selection of specific steps.

Build time step breakdowns: Filter and custom select build graph views.

This is just the first step in the series of improvements we’re working on to make diagnosing slowed down builds a smoother experience. If you have any feedback please share it with us here, and be sure to stay tuned for the upcoming improvements!

We hope to have helped you further speed up your build time, and in doing so, accelerated your team’s velocity :muscle:.

P.S.: This feature is currently available to everyone. It does not require a paid Insights PRO subscription while it’s in beta, but it might be restricted to Insights PRO subscriptions in the future. To learn more about Insights PRO, and how that can help you to find issues in your Build and Test processes click here.