Click-to-zoom: Isolate build issues, remove bottlenecks and increase your team’s velocity

Remove bottlenecks. Build great apps faster. With Insights’ build data, know what to prioritise, and shift your focus to what matters the most.

As part of our focus to make it easier to diagnose build issues and speed up your team’s velocity, we’re announcing a feature we think you’ll really like. Click-to-zoom. With this new feature it’s now possible to click-to-zoom into your build performance charts, making it easy to diagnose bottlenecks, and shave minutes off your Workflows.

How often do you notice a spike in your build time graph and need to zoom in to get a closer look? Previously this was tricky to do in Insights at best; first, you had to find the timestamp for the point of interest, after which you then specify the exact custom time range for that period. Now you can simply click-to-zoom into the build areas of interest, and keep going until you’ve diagnosed the suspect build or bottleneck. Making it easy to isolate problems per workflow, and increase your team’s velocity.

How does it work?

Well, it couldn’t be simpler. When you find a point of interest in any of your Insights charts, simply click and drag over the area you want more build data on. The chart will zoom in over the specified data set, thereby highlighting—and isolating—the build data in the specified time range.

Click-to-zoom, image 1: Drag over a chart area to zoom in on specific build data.

Click-to-zoom, image 2: Want more detail? Click and drag again to zoom in even further.

Diagnosing and isolating problems per Workflow has never been this easy. By removing build frictions quicker, your teams can focus on what matters most. Increase your team’s velocity, try click-to-zoom today.

We continuously aim to help speed up your app development process, and build great apps even faster. That’s why more great updates for Insights are on the way. In the meantime, if you have any feedback, please share it with us here.

Happy building!

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