Firebase test lab keeps failing

I keep having issues with the “Virtual Device Testing for Android” step.

Most of the time (today) it fails with a 503 error, sometimes another error, when uploading.
It once worked, but then the test itself failed.

I took the compiled apks and uploaded manually on Firebase test lab and they pass without problems.

I was able to make the step work two weeks ago, but now it keeps failing.
Is there a know issue with this step?

here is one example:

Hi @jschmid!

Thanks for your report, sorry about this inconvenience.

The issue is known, but it’s not entirely the step, it’s the backend server managing it. The issues are intermittent, rebuilding should solve this basically all the time, but the errors are getting more frequent we’ve noticed.

We are currently discussing how could we eliminate this happening completely but it requires a lot of planning. In case you are experiencing this frequently a day and in consecutive builds (so a rebuild didn’t help) please contact us on Support directly so we can look into rectifying that.

Thank you!

I’ll get back to you if this happens again.

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