Getting 405 response code when using firebase-testlab

Description of the issue

My build is failing when using firebase-testlab step:

Upload APKs
Failed to get http response, status code: [405]
|                                                                              |
| x | firebase-testlab@0.9.0 (exit code: 1)                         | 2.52 sec |


Android & Docker, on Ubuntu 16.04


Steps: Run the build manually or by webhook

“Rebuild” does not help
Step on latest version
reproducible 100%

Build log

Hi @sewerk,

Sorry for the confusion - please switch this step to the / Virtual Device Testing for Android one.

I just marked this step as deprecated in its github repository, and we’ll mark it in the steplib as deprecated too ASAP. The Virtual Device Testing for Android one does pretty much the same and is the one which is actively maintained.

You can also find more info about these steps in the announcement blog post:

Please let us know if you’d have any questions! :slight_smile:

I see, the difference is that Virtual Device Testing for Android step is limited to couple of devices and it’s based on Bitrise firebase account, not each individual.

I don’t think it’s possible to use the step you used (firebase-testlab) without our Bitrise firebase account either :thinking:

Did you do that previously?

P.S.: for running Firebase any way you like, using your own account and any device you like, you can find a #how-to here: How-to run Android tests on Firebase TestLab

I didn’t managed to set it up so you’re probably right. It just looked that way it could be used with own account. Thanks

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No problem and sorry for the confusion.

Happy Building! :slight_smile: