Failed to load provider info!

When adding a new app, I’m trying to load my bitbucket repo’s. The bitbucket account is actually linked but I’m always getting the “Failed to load provider info!” error.

I checked the network log and the following request returns a 500 error:

Linking a GitHub account does work flawless. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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That error is most likely related to a timeout, that the Bitbucket API did not respond with the list of your accessible repos in time.

Do you have a really large number of repositories? If you try it again right now does it still happen? (might have been just a temporary Bitbucket API issue)

Alternatively, you can choose the Other / Manual option on the add new app page, and just copy paste the SSH git clone URL from Bitbucket (something like: - you can find it on the repository’s bitbucket overview page).

If you have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Looks like the issue is indeed a tmeout. We have over 1000 repositories in Bitbucket. I created a new bitbucket account and only gave rights for the repositories I need and this works as expected.

Thanks for clearing that out!

Thanks @fre.willems for the info / confirmation, we’ll try to find a better / built in solution! :slight_smile: