Deploy to bitrise fails with 500


currently all of our workflows that have the “deploy to bitrise” step fail. The reason seems to be a 500 server error.
“Deploy failed, error: failed to finish apk artifact, error: failed to create artifact on bitrise, status code: 500, response: {“status”:500,“error”:“Internal Server Error”}”

Is there any status page of that server?

Can you please retry it? It seems there was a short, temporary website issue which might have caused this.

trying again. thanks for the immediate response

Resolved. Thanks!

We just found the root cause of the issue and rolled back to the version before that, a fix will be deployed soon, until that we’ll keep the previous version in production :slight_smile:

That’s great.
While that was going on, we have integration with bitbucket which reports “build in progress”, which is false if I navigate to the specific build.
I will make another commit, to trigger a new build, see if that fixes the problem

Seems like the associated builds for that trigger are completely gone from bitbucket.
But the builds are properly triggered if I navigate to bitrise

For webhook related troubleshooting please see the related docs at:

If that wouldn’t help please create a new issue or contact our support :slight_smile:

And if you’re referring to the build status being not reflected on bitbucket, you can find the related troubleshooting guide at:

Although it’s for github, the same requirements apply for too :slight_smile:

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