"Failed to start Build: Failed to get bitrise.yml from git provider" for forked repository

Hello! I am trying to start a manual build (with the Start/Schedule a build button), but I get the error “Failed to start Build: Failed to get bitrise.yml from git provider”. For a bit of context, we have indeed the bitrise.yml at the root of our project, and it’s working if we start a manual build for the main branch. The thing is that the branch I’m trying to run is from a forked repository, which has already an opened PR on the main repo. When the PR is opened, the build is triggered without issues. But sometimes it would be convenient to restart the build manually on Bitrise. Is that possible?

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Storing the bitrise.yml in your repo requires access using the service credential use. Please review:Managing an app's bitrise.yml file - Bitrise Docs