Failed to check if cocoapods 1.7.5 installed, error: exit status 1


Since one week, our iOS build can not build anymore. CocoaPods step failed with the message Failed to check if cocoapods 1.7.5 installed, error: exit status 1. It’s quite strange because this is the latest version of CocoaPods. Why it cannot installed it?

The logs to have more details.
| (1) cocoapods-install |
| id: cocoapods-install |
| version: 1.8.0 |
| collection: |
| toolkit: go |
| time: 2019-09-16T12:49:37Z |
| |
INFO[12:49:37] * [OK] Step dependency (go) installed, available.
- SourceRootPath: /Users/vagrant/git
- PodfilePath: react-native/doctor/ios/Podfile
- IsUpdateCocoapods: false
- InstallCocoapodsVersion:
- Verbose: true
- IsCacheDisabled: false
Using Podfile: /Users/vagrant/git/react-native/doctor/ios/Podfile
Determining required cocoapods version
Searching for Podfile.lock
Found Podfile.lock: /Users/vagrant/git/react-native/doctor/ios/Podfile.lock
Required CocoaPods version (from Podfile.lock): 1.7.5
Installing cocoapods
Checking cocoapods 1.7.5 gem
Failed to check if cocoapods 1.7.5 installed, error: exit status 1
| |
| x | cocoapods-install (exit code: 1) | 7.17 sec |


Just started experiencing this yesterday.

@mmorier Have you made any progress on this?

@mmorier is on vacation so I’ll reply on his behalf.
@mitchellporter - No, we’ve had no success so far. Bitrise support hasn’t been too helpful either. Our next step will probably be to look for an alternative to Bitrise.

Thanks for the fast response. Did bitrise provide you with any steps to take to try and fix this? If so would be great if you could share and then I could test on my end.

nope, they just asked us to send them additional info a couple of times.
we of course gave them what they asked for … but they don’t seem too interested in helping to identify/solve the problem :frowning:

Over the past few days in their live chat there was a notice about most of their team being gone for an event, and it said they’d be back to normal on the 27th which is today. Hopefully they’re just a bit backlogged and will be in touch with us soon.

Bump for this thread, I got the exact same problem, not sure what is causing it.

@denniskoluris @mitchellporter are you guys having any more luck with Bitrise support then we did?

I contacted bitrise support 4 days ago and the ticket still hasn’t been seen. Will update this thread as soon as I hear back from them.

Hi @mmorier, @mitchellporter, @Connal, @denniskoluris

Sorry for us being so silent on this. This problem is caused by the .ruby-version file in your project. Due to version differences this have been causing problems in the past, but with different steps and different errors.

You can either remove this file completely, or just add the following script step:

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# fail if any commands fails
set -e
# debug log
set -x

rm ~/git/.ruby-version

For more context on how this delay happened, we were out due to company events last week, but the main reason is that we are starting to receive about a hundreds of requests daily (the likes of which we can’t always be solved within one day) while our team is still just made up of a few people.

We are aware of the situation and doing everything in our power combat this both on a company and on a team level, but for now, we have to ask your patience often when it comes to problems that require a bit of investigating, as we have to a lot of those.

Thanks for being patient so far and all of your understanding!


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