Run CocoaPods install Step failing


I have just started using Bitrise for iOS app build. I have used a step “Run CocoaPods install” which failing with error below

Using Podfile: /Users/vagrant/git/$$$$$$$$/ios/Podfile

Determining required cocoapods version

Searching for Podfile.lock

Found Podfile.lock: /Users/vagrant/git/$$$$$$$$/ios/Podfile.lock

Required CocoaPods version (from Podfile.lock): 1.11.3

Searching for gem lockfile with cocoapods gem

No gem lockfile with cocoapods gem found at:

Using system installed CocoaPods version

Check selected Ruby is installed

failed to check installed ruby version, rbenv: version `2.7.4’ is not installed (set by /Users/vagrant/git/$$$$$$$$/.ruby-version) error: exit status 1

Ruby 2.7.4 is not installed

$ rbenv “install” “2.7.4”

Downloading openssl-1.1.1n.tar.gz…

Installing openssl-1.1.1n…

Installed openssl-1.1.1n to /Users/vagrant/.rbenv/versions/2.7.4

Downloading ruby-2.7.4.tar.bz2…

Installing ruby-2.7.4…

ruby-build: using readline from homebrew

Installed ruby-2.7.4 to /Users/vagrant/.rbenv/versions/2.7.4

Installing cocoapods

Checking cocoapods 1.11.3 gem


cocoapods version:

$ pod “1.11.3” “–version”

rbenv: pod: command not found

The `pod’ command exists in these Ruby versions:


command failed, error: exit status 127

I just wanted a step for pod install. Any suggestions would be really helpfull.

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