Error 403 Unauthorized request - Step test Android & iOS


I’ve 2 apps, Android and iOS, and I have a problem with the step “iOS Device Testing” & “Android Virtual Device Testing” these 2 step don’t run with the error 403 “Unauthorized request”
The iOS build was working the morning so i don’t know where is the problem

exemple build iOS :
exemple build Android :

There is a problem with the api Bitrise ? or other problem ?


We are having the same issue here:

Here is our step definition:

  • virtual-device-testing-for-android@1.0.5:
    - test_type: instrumentation
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It’s a known incident:

Hi everyone!

Sorry for the delay from us on this and the inconvenience, this issue was only recently solved completely, so you shouldn’t experience it anymore.

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Hey, this is still happening over here. Is there any additional set up I need to do?

Here is a link to the build:

By the way, the APKs are being sent to my e-mail, but the error is still happening.

hy @dicksson.oliveira
the problem here is that the two apks are not the same type,
you should either run
:bitrise:assembleDebug :bitrise:assembleDebugAndroidTest or
:android-sdk:android-sdk-common:assembleDebug :android-sdk:android-sdk-common:assembleDebugAndroidTest
in the gradle runner step

@fehersanyi-bitrise, that wasn’t it, but the error is gone! I guess the 403 issue was still affecting me.

Hello there,

I’m absolutely sure, that if the 2 apks are of not the same variant, the step will not work :upside_down_face:
so the issue you have now is something different, could you please send me your latest build’s url please?

Hey @fehersanyi-bitrise,

The step is working, though. I followed this Medium article:

I created a dummy APK (bitrise in this case) and used the :android-sdk:android-sdk-common test APK as inputs to the Virtual Device Test step. I generated the APKs by running bitrise:assembleDebug and :android-sdk:android-sdk-common:assembleDebugAndroidTest tasks, respectively, during the Gradle Runner step. Both have the same debug variant.

It seems to be working - the test results for :android-sdk:android-sdk-common are being displayed as expected. Here’s a link to the latest build:

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