Testers not getting build emails

Description of the issue

The Testers group is not receiving emails for deploy-to-bitrise-io step, even though NotifyUserGroups is “everyone”. The Developers and Admin groups are getting emails.



Hi there @doc-rj-celltrak!

Could you let me know if it is ONLY the Testers who are not receiving emails? Do you have members in your group from all User Roles (Owner, Admin, Developer, Tester) and Outside Contributors? Could you please see if everyone else successfully receive their emails?

Also could you please send me the URL of the app which does not send the notification correctly? Make sure to enable Support Access (Enabling the Bitrise Support user for your app | Bitrise DevCenter) for a closer look :wink:

Hi @Roland-Bak,

Only the Testers are not getting emails. Owner, Admin, and Developer groups are receiving emails. (We don’t have Outside Contributors, as it’s a private project.)

The app is here – https://app.bitrise.io/app/1dcae2d2cf5d5067

The deploy workflow has the deploy-to-bitrise-io step.

I enabled support access for you.


Hi @Roland-Bak,

The Testers eventually received the emails. It seems they were delayed by Mimecast security. We can close this ticket.


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