Show message from job in the notification mail

Description of the feature request

It would be super awesome if the message I entered would show up in the notification mail.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

In our project, developers collaborate with non-developer people. The simplicity of Bitrise allows me to build every branch and test it on real device.

If the message I entered manually would be shown in the notification mails, other collaborators would know what to check with this build.

I initially proposed it via Twitter:

Somehow related:

First time I saw that field, I immediately assumed it would do exactly that requested here. I was really surprised the message didn’t get to the e-mail. Is it supposed to do anything else?

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Hi @michaelstingl, @dvelasco!

So the thing is - this feature does exist, the commit messages are included in the default e-mails the website sends to you based on your project settings. (See example below)

I understand the convenience of seeing the commit messages next to the download links of the artifacts - so if that’s the idea please modify the request accordingly! :slight_smile:

But generally speaking this e-mail leads you to the Public Install page created by the Deploy to step, it’s an optional tool not everyone uses, this is the main reason this is instead included in the build related e-mails instead of the artifact ones.

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Ah, I see. I never read all those Build [success] and Build [error!] mails. There are too many of them… I’ll need to check with our experts if we can improve configuration here. I’ll also update the feature request accordingly.

@bitce Thanks for checking and for your quick response!

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