Ability to delete a build / Make artifact link unavailable / Delete or remove build archive

Suppose I run a build and for some reason after the artifact was released I want to disable users to install it.
Need to have a way to make the build/artifact unavailable.

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Only the artifacts, or would you make the whole build inaccessible (including the log for example)?

I think both options should be available.

Makes sense, thank you!

There are some builds that I’d like to remove as they are polluting the app’s dashboard (and if it’s the latest build, the build badge will be incorrect too)

I am posting here to vote!
I would like to delete all builds and the logs/artifacts in a project.
My project has teams members, so creating a new project and inviting them to that new project seems cumbersome.


Hello there,

From now on you can delete artifacts through Bitrise API, here you can find a documentation of this feature.

Happy building :muscle:

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