DEPRECATION of Build Trigger API on 'www' subdomain (use 'app' subdomain or the public API instead)

The endpoint is now deprecated in favor of (the www subdomain changed to app).

For now both endpoints can be used. Starting from 12th April, 2018 the www version will redirect to the app subdomain, so if your client does not follow redirects, you might not be able to trigger builds using this endpoint. Eventually we will remove the www version.

More info on the Build Trigger API can be found here.


Important update based on your feedback: if you roll your own automation built for please use directly, for everything, including the build triggering!

Build Trigger endpoint is now available for : Bitrise API: build trigger, bitrise.yml

Important note: right now does not support the App’s own API Token, the one which is on the Code tab of the app on , it only supports Personal Access Token auth as the rest of

In short, all API endpoints which are expected to be used publicly are moving into, we’re deprecating all other endpoints. Please don’t use those for any integration, instead migrate to which is designed to provide the public API endpoints.

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