Get Application Build Token


Tried to find this option on the api docs and failed.
Is it possible given the app-slug to request the app-build-trigger-token ?

the get app list giving various data but not that token.
If this option is listed on the api docs i’d appreciate a reference to which one is it.

Thanks for the help !


I do not believe that value is available via the API. I am curious - why would you want to get the value of the build-trigger-token?

Because we use slack commands to trigger builds and i need to use that token
to trigger the app build.
With the API i can take the slug but not the trigger build therefore it needs to be hard coded in my code for every app i want to allow remote build

Are you using the API to trigger the build? If so, you do not need the build trigger token. You will need a Personal Access Token. To generate this, go to “Account settings” (or “Profile settings”) and select the “Security” tab. You can specify how long before the token expires, including never. This is the token you need for authentication.

Thanks !

I thought i need to pass the trigger token to that request to make it work…
Now i know better :slight_smile:

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