Start a build through

Something seems to be down on website.

Indeed, I cannot create new build anymore through “Start/ Schedule a Build” button.

Same issue when I run curl command.

Damn it, dummy mistake.

I would like to close this issue :\

No problem at all :slight_smile: Just curious, what was the issue @jessyhanzo?

We have an issue with one of our bot which runs curl :

<html><body>You are being <a href="">redirected</a>.</body></html>.

For finding the issue, I tried to compare curl generated in and curl generated by bot.

But by doing some tests, I forget to fill Workflow field and an error occured. Thus it’s not really blocking because we always specify the workflow parameter.

Anyway, I continue trying to understand why command is redirected.

@jessyhanzo thanks for the info!

I can help with that: DEPRECATION of Build Trigger API on 'www' subdomain (use 'app' subdomain or the public API instead)

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Finally, answer is pretty simple.

We have to use : and not

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Well, that’s indeed one solution but if possible I’d suggest you to switch to instead. Same params are supported there, but the authentication is different - you have to use Personal Access Token there as for any other api endpoint. Advantage of PAT is that it also identifies the user the PAT is registered for, while the old app. endpoint uses a repo specific token (instead of a user specific one).

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Okay, it’s very clear, thanks !

Since curl is launched by bot and we don’t have a bot user in, maybe we could keep app keyword for now.

Sure, feel free to! We’re not removing/deprecating that endpoint and we don’t plan to either, we just move it to the new app. domain (more info about this move will be published soon :wink: ).

One note: if you’re around the curl command make sure to specify the -L flag, that would make curl to follow the redirect. With -L even the old www. one will work / properly redirect :slight_smile: (but please don’t use the www. one, that endpoint is actually deprecated, use the app. one instead which is not deprecated).

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