Default email notifications settings for every new app

Description of the feature request

Allow admin to set default email notifications setting for builds success and failures for every new app that will be created. Each app can override this setting in the currently available settings tab for each app.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Problem: When a new app is being created the default email notifications settings for build results are set to:

  • On success: “Send email when build status changes on the same branch”
  • On fail: “Always send email”

Builds often fail more when the CI (and app projects as well) are being configured for new apps, so it unnecessarily sends a lot of emails. To me, it is 5-10 emails daily. That requires reaction and manual change for each new app, which we often forget to do on the very beginning.

I have an overview of over 30 apps on bitrise in my company, and we create new apps each month (deleting the old ones) what results in quite a lot of unnecessary emails in our inboxes, and manual notification setting changes on each app. This setting affects close to 100 people in our company.

I realize some people love or just rely on those emails, that’s good. I’m also sure quite a lot of folks use slack integration for it. Let us make a choice :slight_smile:

Can we make a default setting for every app, so we don’t need to correct every app each time and limit the emails being sent?

If there’s a potential workaround, please let me know :slight_smile: Thank you!

Hello @rad3ks :slight_smile:

For now, these settings are app-specific, and settings for each new app must be configured each time a new app is created.

Thanks for the #feature-request! We’ll keep an eye on the votes :wink:

The option to turn this off should be one of the auxilliary parameters when creating a new application. It can be that the send email is set to true but at least give the application creators the ability to turn it off from the very start. I find the following “default” behaviors more troublesome than being actually useful:

  • Notification by email options are enabled by default.
  • The new application uses a boilerplate workflow instead of using the one in the repository (if it exists) or giving the option to supply an initial workflow.
  • An initial build is automatically kicked off.

The feature request Additional options in the when adding new application via the Web UI is for the second point.