Connect to 2 Apple accounts for 1 Bitrise project

Hello Bitrise team,

Based on our business requirement, we have to connect to 2 Apple accounts at the same time.
Do we have any solution to do that?
We found this topic Connect multiple Apple Developer accounts but we don’t know if this feature request was implemented or not.

Many thanks,

I saw this comment Connect multiple Apple Developer accounts - #4 by viktorbenei and think about his solution. Is it possible if I use 2 members Bitrise accounts to connect 2 Apple accounts, and then create 2 separated App in Bitrise, and config to use 2 Apple connections of 2 members?

We have this request also, Xcode Archive - specify API Key and Issuer ID specifically mentioned here, because it is currently possible with the current setup, but it will be removed on July 15th 2022.

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