iOS Auto Provision with more than one developer account

I’m wondering if it’s possible to use iOS Auto Provisioning with more than one developer account, because at the moment it seems I can only associate one developer account with my “BitRise” account, which is used for all of my projects.

I work for a number of different clients and so have several developer accounts which I’d like to use for auto provisioning. However as far as I can tell I need to “Connect” my BitRise account for auto provisioning to work, and I’m only allowed one developer account for that.

Does that make sense? Is there anyway around that?

Hi @AndyDunn!

Thanks for your #feature-request!

I guess this could be an issue for single developer working with multiple developer portal accounts, since at the moment the authentication happens between the accounts themselves, the only way around for you would be to create “dummy users” whom you don’t use, just connect Dev portal accounts to them on Bitrise and add those accounts to your team so you can select those accounts for using as well.

The link to the feature request Connect multiple Apple Developer accounts

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