Deploy to iTunes Connect should use connected Apple accounts

Currently, there are two “Deploy to iTunes Connect” steps, one uses fastlane deliver, one uses Application Loader. Both require to enter username and password but it would be great to be able to use a connected Apple account instead.

Minor detail: “iTunes Connect” was renamed to “App Store Connect”. New users may be confused by the old name and steps should be renamed to match the new naming.

Oh, just noticed that I already requested the same feature a year ago :slight_smile:

I would vote against making this the only possible login method. We use multiple Apple Accounts for our apps and this would break our deploy flow.

Closing this here as this is indeed a duplicate of Use connected Apple Developer account in workflow steps (@matthias.buchetics :wink: ).

For that we already have a card in our backlog, which was just bumped so that it should be processed soon. Can’t promise anything right now, other than “I did set it to the highest priority” though it might still get de-prioritised along the triaging process.

@Wouter for that we have another feature request: Connect multiple Apple Developer accounts

Could you please share some more detail about your setup in that thread?

  • Do you mean you use multiple apple accounts in a single app? Asking because you can set one per-app at the moment on
  • Could you please clarify how many Apple Dev Accounts you use per bitrise app and why?

Closing this thread as duplicate of Use connected Apple Developer account in workflow steps.