Unable to Connect Apple Developer Portal Account

My user account on Bitrise has a connected Apple Developer account. This user account is also an admin of my organization. I am trying to connect this Apple Developer account on the Team page of an app in this organization, like I have with my GitHub account. However, in the drop-down box to select the user, it says that there are no users with connected Developer Portal accounts.

I need to be able to connect this account so that I can add the auto-provision step to my workflow, which fails without it. Why can’t I select a user, and how do I fix this issue?

Hi @jordanekay,

Do you mean the account is in the “Admins” group of the organization?
Is that group added to the app? Can you check it on the app’s Team tab, that the user is actually allowed to access the app, with admin level of access?

(The drop-down lists only users who are present on the Team tab of the app / who have access to the app, and for security reasons only admins & owners are included)

This resolved my issue. Thanks!

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Glad to hear @jordanekay! :slight_smile:

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