Build Logs UX issues


TL; DR: build logs UX is inconvenient so I wrote a userscript to improve my daily work.

Basically, my user journey to find the failure in a build log is the following:

  • Click on Load entire log as the error isn’t visible
  • Find the bitrise-run step to open it (Usually scroll to the bottom, then up to the bitrise-run step)
  • Find the failing step (Usually scroll to the bottom, then up to the error, or by searching for | x | that matches the first step failing)

This sounds simple to do, but when you do this a dozen times a day, it is really inconvenient.
The user script automates this workflow to open logs directly on the first failing step.

While pretty, collapsing steps isn’t helpful, and moreover, collapsing the bitrise-run step, which itself includes substeps isn’t helping either.
One way to improve UX could be:

  1. Not collapsing steps
  2. Scrolling automatically to the first error (or through a user action like a button)

As our private git repos are in a private network, we are using a VPN for bitrise to access them.
Because of this all of our workflows are run like this: connect to VPN, clone repo > invoke bitrise-run on workflows declared in the repository.

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Hey Vincent, thank you for your feedback. I and my team are now working on improving the usability of the build logs and we’d like to have a chat with you about it to learn more about your use case. Can I reach out to you directly via email?

Yes sure, go for it :slight_smile: If you can’t see my email on my profile, it’s firstname.lastname at onfido dot com.

Email sent, thank you :slight_smile: