Show current sub workflow and step

My Workflows are typically made up of many sub workflows and steps. I do like to look at the log when something goes wrong. However when the build is taking place it would be nice to see what sub workflow or step I am on.

Just starting to use the new build / sub workflow steps ourselves, and we too are finding it hard without a comprehensive view of the entirety.

Can you please share a bit more information / context? E.g. a screenshot highlighting what the issue is?

So currently we have to have docs written up to walk people through how to find the reason for a failed build. This is what they look like:

  1. Open the failed build link from BR’s Slack message
  2. Scroll to bottom to see failure
  3. If failure is for An error occoured: at least one build failed or aborted, it will mention which build, eg. ui-tests-2 failed
  4. To get the link to that specific build, you need to grab it from the top of the log, so scroll up, click expand, and find the log entry for ui-tests-2. There will be an entry such as ui-tests-2 started (
  5. Go to the url for the build, and you will find the error in that log

If instead there was something at the top level for the parent workflow log that showed the state of all kicked off children with links, that would go a loooong way.

Ahh, so by sub-workflow you mean a completely separate build, right?

First I thought it’s a before_run / after_run workflow reference which “runs” in the same build: