Build IOS / Android apps without connecting a git repository

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We’re evaluating switching from phonegap build to bitrise as it seems PGB is dead these days. Our use case is a bit odd though unfortunately - we provide functions via our dashboard that allow our clients to trigger builds themselves on phonegap using the bundle upload feature of PGB rather than actually connecting our github repo. We need to replicate something similar on another provider somehow - Bitrise looks great, but does it offer a similar workflow?

Our app is cordova based and we’d ideally like to upload the built www folder along with configuration and signing certificates to trigger builds. Our clients generally supply their own signing certs so we’re in a situation where the codebase is generally the same, but we have hundreds of different apps with different signing certs / icons etc.


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Hi @bharling!

Technically you are not required to use a git repository, although most features are built with the assumption that you are using a repo.

I’m not sure how PGB works entirely, but as I understand the difficulty here, is that Bitrise creates a virtual machine when your build starts and discards it afterwards. This also means that there is no way to directly upload anything to these build machines, instead, you have to have the machines download the assets you need.

For triggering builds you could use the API, but were these builds only started manually, or were they automated somehow?

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