Share builds via Bitrise CLI

This is with respect to Issue , which I was trying to solve.

Why will we have to go to dashboard just to share builds?

Hi @Shashikant,

Can you please share a bit more details? A simple step-by-step description would be the best, about what you want to do :slight_smile:


I have come across Bitrise as an CI,CD Tool. It works very well and it is just what we actually want. But To do this, I have to manually go inside the dashboard and click on “Start” the build or schedule the build. Then it will generate the build.
What was my assumption, when developer writing the code and commit the code.

  1. The code gets pushed or will create pull request, it will call triggers to create automated builds ( Have not tested this, bt my aasumption is that , this gonna work )
  2. But what if developer directly want to create “Release” build directly from his machine and not going into the dashboard for which he didn’t have the access also. What he know is the command like “bitrise run release” and it will upload the build on iTunesConnect directly.
    Conclusion is - Why there should be need to giving access of bitrise to the developer, or wait for pull request to be merged and approved. He should be directly able to send build from his machine.
    I know it is breaking some of the standards but It was just my thoughts.

Thank you

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Indeed, this definitely works if you have a Webhook registered in your git server (, and if you use our GitHub/Bitbucket/GitLab integration this is automatically prepared for you.

One solution can be to have a workflow for the Release, and trigger that automatically if you merge into e.g. master, or you (or your dev) pushes a git tag. See: - specifically

That definitely should work locally too, given that the dev has the required secrets (iTunesConnect usd+psw) set locally in Secrets. Pretty much all of the steps work locally, 3rd party service integrations definitely do, the exception is the Deploy to step (and the Cache steps) which require to be available, otherwise the step doesn’t know where to push the artifacts (as artifacts on are tied to the build it generated).

You definitely should wait for that before publishing into a store :wink:

If you just want to publish to for the PR then you can simply include the Deploy to step in the PR check build’s workflow.

Sure, and thank you for the feedback, we really appreciate it & it helps a lot! :slight_smile: We just have to see/understand what the exact use case is, so that we can talk about it with the team and come up with an appropriate solution :slight_smile: