Submitting iOS and Android workspaces without git repo

We are using a private, locally-hosted, enterprise Github repo for our applications, which prevents bitrise from being able to access codebase. Is there any way to submit the workspace to bitrise build servers directly, without a repo link? For instance, sending the workspace in a .zip through an HTTP request? I understand that we can use the vpn step to connect to our intranet, however this is an option we would like to avoid.

Hi there @mikelhomeless!

Not sure why having a locally-hosted GitHub repo would prevent Bitrise from accessing the codebase… is this an obstacle, or a preference?
The reason it would be hard to submit workspaces to Bitrise the way you describe is that the Virtual Machine gets created as soon as the build starts, so you cannot really send the files anywhere until then — the VM should be able to pull the source code.

Having a private, local GitHub repository should not mean that it is unaccessible: if it can be accessed without a VPN, then there is no reason to use one. If it cannot be accessed without VPN, then it is absolutely necessary. :smiley:

We actually have a step made for GitHub Enterprise users called ‘Authenticate with GitHub OAuth’, specifically to make it easy to authenticate your local repositories. :slight_smile:

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