Artifacts: Make it possible to view HTML files with relative links (CSS etc. refs)


From @viktorbenei on Sat Dec 10 2016 10:29:41 GMT-0500 (EST)

Right now artifacts are exposed with special, pre-signed, time limited URLs. This means that the exact download / access link for an artifact is generated and does change every time it’s accessed.

This makes relative links between artifacts unusable when viewed directly on the web UI. This issue mainly affects HTML files/reports, where the HTML file references other resources (like CSS, JavaScript, etc. files) with relative links.

For more details see:

And the related discussion:

Copied from original issue:

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From @viktorbenei on Sun Dec 11 2016 03:49:40 GMT-0500 (EST)

You can of course use the “compress” option of the Deploy to step, and download the multi file HTML report as a ZIP file with all its linked resources/files.

This feature would allow the multi file HTML reports to be viewed on the UI directly.



From @viktorbenei on Sun Dec 11 2016 05:05:25 GMT-0500 (EST)

Technical note: maybe do it with a new, separate artifact type, which accepts an artifact “pack” (set of files / multiple files), and stores & serves those as if those were in the same storage directory.



There are quite a few open topics on for this same feature. So just pointing that it’s a highly requested feature.
I’m currently using the “zip all and download the files” workaround but it’s extremely cumbersome.

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Make sure to vote on this feature here! :wink:

Btw which feature request(s) you’re referring to on ?



I clicked “like” but haven’t seen the Vote atop. Just did now.
There’re a few (which I commented on). Links at the bottom. With different wording, all have the same idea.

I just finish making a shell script to copy all the reports from different tools to the same folder with either .txt or .html naming and used the deploy to bitrise without zipping. It looks better, BUT, it still not great great.

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@sb_ronaldopace thanks for the links! :slight_smile:



Here’s another use case where this feature would be cool. :slight_smile:

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Definitely planned, but probably as part of a more significant revision of the built in deployment/artifacts system (no ETA yet, but votes obviously help us to prioritize ;))



How is it going?
I would like to see the jUnit report on the build dashboard.

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junit, Android lint, spoon, they are not only ones, there are many cases when this feature would be useful.
Downloading ZIP file is extremely awkward so I worked that around by pushing given directory to GitHub pages.



Thanks for the infos @koral & @JcMinarro - this is definitely on our roadmap, we’re just not sure yet in what form we’d like to implement this. There’s a good chance that this won’t be implemented in the standard Artifacts system but instead another way. Unfortunately I can’t share more about this right now, just that this is indeed on our roadmap and we’ll definitely provide a solution one way or another :slight_smile:



Here is my workaround step for Spoon results:
Maybe it can be helpful for someone until there is a built-in support on,

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Definitely, thanks for sharing @koral! :slight_smile:

Just an update: we definitely plan to provide this feature, as soon as possible, but we don’t have an ETA yet (mainly because we’re working on some related system revisions / changes and we can only work on this one once we’re done with those).

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I’m debugging failing gradle tests. Attaching a zip with the HTML report to view the details is a painful workflow. I’m looking forward to Bitrise having full support for HTML artifacts.

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Definitely something we plan to have ASAP - will bring this up for a discussion with the team again (for a schedule).

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#17 works on Bitrise. I made a simple react app and was able to use it inline on bitrise.

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Wow, that’s awesome! Thanks for sharing @bootstraponline! :wink:



Is this still a planned feature?



Yes it is planned but not scheduled yet - please vote to bump its priority! :wink: