Artifacts: Make it possible to view HTML files with relative links (CSS etc. refs)



Any update about this feature request? we need this feature too. Thanks.


Hey @kjing!

The feature is still very much planned, but there isn’t much update we could provide at the moment. We will let you guys know once we do, please make sure to vote for the request in the while! :slightly_smiling_face:


@kjing can you please share a bit more details about how you’d use this?


What’s the current status of this feature? Our team would like to use this feature to display code coverage. See for more informations.



Yes we have this, in the deploy to step you have to enable the compress the artifacts into one file option, it will generate a zip that you can download, and it contains these reports.


Yes, but this is not what we want. We want to see the report on bitrise. Using a compressed artifact doesn’t help in this situation.

Is this feature still on the roadmap?


Yes the onsite version of this is still “under construction”, but we will definitely do it.