Expose url to artifact outside of Build page / public install page for non app artifacts (.pkg, .zip, ...)

Description of the feature request

In addition to be able to view the artifact generated by bitrise in the build page, I’d like to have it exposed to (for example) Slack.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

I have 2 steps at the end of my workflow:

a step with Fastlane / Snapshot to take a screenshot of my app,
a deploy-to-bitrise step to attach the result to the build.
This is working fine, and I can see the zip file with the correct content attached to my build.

However, I’d like to post the link to the zip file to Slack, so that someone in my team can check the screenshots without checking the builds themselves.
Therefore I added a last step with Slack, giving it the resulting link with $BITRISE_PUBLIC_INSTALL_PAGE_URL (so I thought).
Unfortunately, the url is empty, because:

is_enable_public_page is set, but public download isn’t allowed for this type of file

So, if we could have a URL to the artifact, whether in $BITRISE_PUBLIC_INSTALL_PAGE_URL or in another variable, that would be great.

Great idea, thanks for creating the #feature-request @fred-adda!

Semi related #feature-request :

From the original thread (Using deploy-to-bitrise to expose screenshots taken with Fastlane / Snapshot), just for the full context:

As a workaround for now you can send the Build’s bitrise.io URL ($BITRISE_BUILD_URL) to Slack, where the artifact can be found.

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P.S.: don’t forget to vote on your #feature-request @fred-adda :wink:

Description of the feature request

It would be very helpful to be able to send emails for any artifact, especially for apps generated for macOS that are neither .ipa or .apk files.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

My build for a macOS app produces a .zip that contains the app, and a .pkg installer. I would like to be able to send to notifications emails with the link to download each of these. At the moment, I have no way of notifying people of the download links.

If you want to attach artifact urls(which directly triggers artifact download) to your slack-bot message, you can use the Bitrise API:

following bash script does the job print_out_artifact_urls.sh

you can use it in another bash script B)

#install jq if needed. -y option accepts the prompt.
sudo apt-get install -y jq
chmod +x ./print_out_artifact_urls.sh
./print_out_artifact_urls.sh | envman add --key ARTIFACT_URLS

in Slack message step, simply type
Build Succeeded!

Hope it helped!


Are there plans to implement this as a feature? It would be immensely useful and a big time saver for our team.

Hi. Any updates on this? I finally got my developer-id signed app building and notarized only to find out there’s no way to share a page to the macOS app zip to public testers? I can’t even get emails to send via the “Deploy to Bitrise.io” step. This very much defeats my purpose for using Bitrise to handle deployment to external testers.