Testing react-native with EarlGrey & Fastlane on Bitrise

I’ve setup an example repo which demonstrates testing an iOS react-native app with EarlGrey. Fastlane is used to run the tests on Bitrise.

I archive the EarlGrey screenshots (deploy.zip) and also inline them into the html report. Here’s a screenshot:

The inline report doesn’t support screenshots referenced by URL so I use nokogiri to insert base64 versions of the images at the correct location.

EarlGrey saves data to the app container. The code for finding the path relies on xcrun simctl and PlistBuddy. I also have video recording support via fbsimctl however that doesn’t work on bitrise yet.

Hopefully the code is a useful reference for others doing iOS UI testing on Bitrise.

Vote for link support in the Deploy to Bitrise.io step to make these types of integrations easier.