API: Allow access with only the build-slug

Often we share a URL for a build, and that build only has the UUID for the build, the build-slug.



Even though that URL does not contain the app-slug, the website is able to look up and display the build. So I know that build-slug is enough infomation, but the api for */builds/* all requires app-slug also.

Please add at least one API that does this resolving.

The simplest ask would be a set of redirects for the /builds/*, such that, for example:


resolves app-slug and redirects to →


Additional Info: The website uses a different API:


Note app. not api.

If your website used the public API, i.e. eat your own dogfood, then everything that can be done by clicking a website, can also be automated.

As it is, I cannot use this hidden API as the Personal Access Token does not work with it. I also wouldn’t want to as it would be subject to change without warning.

Point is: it does exist, please make it a supported public API.