Android Virtual Device Testing fails

Suddenly the Android Virtual Device Testing step fails with the error: Testing add-on was not configured properly, please make sure to use the minimum required step versions described here

I could not find any useful info in the link.

This is the build

Can you please tell me what changed?

Thank you


Hi @robertoaltieri,

Seems like this workflow is missing a Deploy to step, so there is no way for the add-on to reach the results.

Is this a recent change? I have been using the same workflow for a while and it used to work until yesterday. And the error seems to suggest a different issue.

The error is definitely exactly suggesting this as it is a basic requirement. This isn’t recent change, there is no other solution to extract files from the Virtual Machines other than the deploy step, this is the reason this was a necessity from the get-go. Can you send us an example of a build URL where you can view the Test Reports but there is still no deploy step?

It looks like now it is not possible to see them anymore but it was definitely possible until yesterday

Could be possible due to some weird phenomenon I suppose, can you send me a build URL about it so we can get to a bottom of it? :slight_smile:

Hello @bitce

I’m having the same issue.

I haven’t changed anything and it started happening for few days already

Ps. I have deploy step included

Here’s my build

@MattNG Can you enable Support Access on this app so we can give it a thorough check please?


Thanks for the response @bitce

Thanks @MattNG!

We were able to confirm the issue, it’s basically happening with utility workflows which are chained together. We are working on a solution as we speak!

I also got this error, here is my build with enable “bitrise support”:


Hi @dat

This is expected too, because this build is missing the deploy step too.

I’ve also started seeing issues in the past few days. My build has a deploy step, and is not part of a chained workflow.

For me, the build succeeds, and I am even getting code coverage info back from the Virtual device test run, but I just can’t see any artifacts in the Test Add-On because it shows the error listed in the original post.

Here is an example build: (and I’ve enabled the support user).

Some things I tried:

  • Updating all steps to use the latest version
  • Switch from using the “Gradle Runner” step to the “Android Build for UI testing” step to build the APKs (and making sure I had the module and variant values set)

As mentioned, this worked fine for me before the past few days, and then suddenly stopped working.

UPDATE: I also noticed that the Test Reports Add-on seems to be broken on older builds on which it definitely worked before (example: So, it seems like there might be an issue outside of workflow configuration?

I keep seeing the same issue. I have added the deploy to bitrise step but it is still not working.
For example for the build is failing, I guess because some tests is failing, but I can’t open the Test results page so I can’t see which test is failing.
I have also enabled the support.

Hi @bryndsey! @robertoaltieri!

Thanks for the detailed report and really sorry about the flakiness! The issue should be completely gone by now, let me know if there’s anything odd you’re experiencing!

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Thank you. it is working now

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Yep, working for me as well. Thanks!

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