Virtual Device Testing for Android Timeout


I’ve tried to run UI tests with Bitrise using Virtual Device Testing for Android step.
Unfortunately, build is stuck at this point for long time while displaying just (1/1) Running and then fails (timeout?)
Our App contains over 50 UI test methods ATM.

bitrise.yml task config:

Do You have any idea what went wrong?

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Hi @TomekM,

Does it happen every time or happened only in one build?
Can you please copy paste the related build’s URL?

Unfortunately that happens everytime
Link to build

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Can you try to increase the timeout param of the step from the default (900) to e.g. double it to 1800?

I’ve increased that value to 3600.
Nothing changed (

Can you please enable Support Access to this app on Settings tab of the app

Ok, its enabled

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Do You have any update on that issue?
Our company wants to buy subscription for, because we appreciate simplicity of whole CI stuff, but unfortunately I don’t think its possible if its not working :confused:

Checked the build and I don’t see any issue there, I mean the tests were performed but there were issues which are reported on the Virtual Device Tests tab.

Did you check those? Is there an unexpected error there? I see that 51 tests were successful and 5 did fail:

Initially I thought you had some kind of testing timeout issue based on your initial message, that’s why I suggested increasing the timeout, sorry if I misunderstood you.

The reported (1/1) in the log is for the “test set” / device (you configured tests to be performed on a single device) - was that the source of the confusion?