Allow changing rights for roles

Description of the feature request

Currently admins, developers and testers have a fixed set of rights. Let owners (or possibly others) change the rights for each role.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Only owners can add users to a group of an organisation - I’d like to be able to allow admins to add users to a group.
Only admins+ can change the workflow - I’d like to allow developers to change a workflow (we currently made all our developers admins to allow this)
Only developers+ can create builds - allow testers to create builds

Hi @marianeum,

Thanks for the #feature-request! :slight_smile:

That’s the primary difference between devs & admins. Is there an issue with adding the devs who are allowed to change the build config as admins?

Similarly, is there a reason why you don’t add your testers as developers, so that they can start builds?

Currently that’s not a big issue for us - the bigger issue is only owners being able to add people to the admin group in the organisation. If we’d be able to allow admins to do that we might not want everybody to be an admin, though.
Having control over what who can do would be a good thing in general, though. If there is a tester group shouldn’t it contain testers and the same for developers. Of course we could change the roles for people, but then testers become developers and developers become admins and finally admins become owners - which is something we don’t want.

In the organizations only owners can manage people right now, there is no other “role” in it, only Owner and other Members; but I definitely see your point.

For Organization roles please vote & comment at this #feature-request : Organizations: More Roles besides User and Owner

For app roles I can keep this #feature-request open if you think, although so far it seems it’s more about the “title” of those roles than actually changing capabilities :thinking:

I also find it a problem that developers can’t manage workflows, they may need to change that with a corresponding feature. That is quite common for us. However they should not be able to manage the team