Allow developer to change app settings and manage workflows

Description of the feature request

I think that managing app settings and managing workflows are more technical than managing team member roles, so they should be separated.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Now I need to grant admin access for developers who want to, for ex. clear build cache. And if I do, then they’ll also be able to manage other people roles.

Hi @smartpatient,

So you basically suggest to make the developer the same as admin except the team management feature? Should developers be able to change all other configs/settings of an app (the options which are available on the Settings tab of the app)?

Hi @viktorbenei,

thanks for getting back. Let me rephrase our requirement from a completely different angle.

We separate technical and administrative roles.
Administrative roles usually have access to billing/invoices and user management - ideally, they cannot mess with the setup of workflows.
Technical roles can do basically everything except billing/invoices and user management. Most important, they cannot add new members.
Testers can only use the result of a workflow. Most likely the compiled build.

In the end we don’t care if the roles are called “admin”, “technical”, … We care about keeping developers productive and applying changes when necessary, while not being able to manage users.

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Developers should at the very least be able to manage workflows.
Often feature may have a workflow modification component.
Perhaps they need to add a key or an environment variable and update a script in the workflow.
There should be a developer class that can do this.

The should not be able to manage the team

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