Adding a collaborator

I previously opened a private account to do testing and have persuaded my customer to use you for CI of their product. They have created an organisation and added me as a collaborator but the email they used didn’t match my existing private account which I was logged into and activation failed. When I created a new account with that email address the invitation no longer works.

Do I require an existing account with that email address for the invitation to work?
If they invite me again, will it all work?

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Hi @timfish,

Thanks for asking this here! :slight_smile:

Thanks you!! :slight_smile:

Sure it definitely should.

Not required, but an invitation can only be accepted by that specific account (email) which was invited, for security reasons.

So, if you already have an account, please make sure that they send the invite to that specific account (email).

If they sent an invite to another email they can simply send a new invite to the right account.

If you have any questions just let us know!

I’m guessing I was logged into my private account and tried to accept the invitation which didn’t work. Now I’ve created an account matching the email address they used, the invitation has expired or been invalidated. I’ll get them to try it again.

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That should work, but please let us know how it goes or if you’d have any issue! :wink: