Display selected Account/Organization when Add new app

Description of the feature request

Please see the screenshot:

Use case / for what or how I would use it

When working with multiple Organizations, it’s really risky if you Add a sensitive app to wrong Organization. It already happened to me actually :frowning:

Definitely makes sense @han.tran - will discuss it with the team and see how we could improve the flow!

Personally I’d opt to have your own account to be selected by default, instead of the option you selected the last time you registered an app. Even if you end up registering the app under your own account by mistake you can just transfer it then to the right Org.

WDYT @han.tran?

Hi @viktorbenei, sorry for missed this topic :slight_smile:

You are right that I can transfer it to the right Org but in my case, I didn’t have permission to Delete or Transfer project to the right Org, that’s the cause of problem. But anyway, showing selected Org is not a big deal for dev team I think.

Oh nice!


Right, forgot to share the good news here - glad you noticed it @han.tran! :wink:

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