Submitting a request - selecting an organization is mandatory

When I submit a request I have to select an Organization that I’m assocating the request with. However as I’m working with multiple clients and only some of them has an Organisation account this is looking a bit confusing for me. Could you add a ‘None’ option for this dropdown so I don’t have to associate a request with any of the organisations?

Hi @adam.ivancza,

Can you please clarify what type of request are you referring to? Maybe including a screenshot would help us clarify the subject.

Also, in your Zendesk feedback you mentioned that you believe this is a bug, should we move this thread to the #issues category?

hey @bitce !

sure thing - I’m referring to this one here:

which leads me to this screen, which has this organization selector:

Yeah I think #issues is a better place for this! Could you move this topic, or do I need to recreate it there?

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