Adding a Github account error

How can I fix the issue of adding a GitHub account when I get an error: The account is connected to another user.

The user account is associated to a company account - I don’t see any way to delete the current user and start over.

Hi @ronan.o.ciosoig,

Sign in on using the github login - you’ll be signed into the account that github account is connected to right now.

From there you can either delete that account, or disconnect the github account from it so that you can connect it to another account (see Change connected GitHub accounts for notes on how you can turn off an account’s github connection, or to change it to another account).

If you’d have any questions just let us know! :wink:

Yes, did that. Deleted the account, and created a new one, received the invite to the company account again and it seems to be all working.

I didn’t see how to delete an account option initially - only after a while did I accidentally see it under edit profile.

Got it - glad to hear it worked and thanks for the feedback @ronan.o.ciosoig! :wink: