Pricing & plan change UI/UX revision + new Elite configs are finally available!

Overview / summary

Previously you had to change the subscription plan of personal or organization account on the pricing page. Even when you selected the option from the header menu, account settings page, you were redirected to the pricing page. From now on, the pricing page is a more or less static page which redirects user to their personal or one of their organization account settings page, on which one of the billing menu’s section is the plan change section.

Pricing page

All plans (personal AND organization) listed with features, making them easy to compare. When user selects the plan, an account selector popup comes up which, after selecting user or organization, redirects to that account’s settings page, where the plan change can be performed.

Below, information about the new Elite virtual machine hardware configurations can be found. More details will be added soon.

Plan change on account settings page

The current plan (a top badge) marks the account’s last selected plan. User can set period and concurrency here, and preview the current and later charge amounts in case of plan change. The former might be less than the plan’s actual price due to leftover credit from previous plans’ charge. For the charge preview, an added credit card is required (notification is shown if it is not yet added). The sum of applied discounts is also visible (not seen on the image).

User can also compare available plans of account by features.


User feedback: it’s not obvious that you either have a Standard or an Elite subscription for an Organization, you can’t have both at the same time and you don’t have to cancel your Standard before switching to Elite.

Activating an Elite subscription will automatically “cancel” the Standard subscription (actually this is just a simple switch between the two), using the remaining credits of the Standard subscription as discount for the Elite subscription.